Changing Colors: Adaptive Capacity of Companies in the Context of the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy This discussion paper, co-authored with CO-Firm with the support of Allianz Global Investors and Allianz Climate Solutions, develops a framework for understanding adaptive capacity of companies and the external and internal drivers that […]

Changing Colors: Adaptive Capacity

Transition Risks and Market Failure: A Theoretical Discourse on Why Financial Models and Economic Agents may Misprice Risk Related to the Transition to a Low-carbon Economy This paper provides a theoretical discourse linking traditional market failure literature and research around potential stranded assets risks associated with the transition. It demonstrates […]

Transition Risks and Market Failure

The Transition Risk-o-Meter: Reference Scenarios for Financial Analysis Report for Public Consultation   The report constitutes the first attempt to develop reference transition scenarios tailored for financial risk and scenario analysis by companies, equity and credit research analyst and financial institutions. It provides two transition risk scenarios - a Limited […]

The Transition Risk-o-Meter

Transition Risk Toolbox: Scenarios, Data, and Models   The ET Risk toolbox report frames the concept of the ET risks project aiming at providing a comprehensive toolbox for financial analysts and institutional investors with scenarios, asset-level databases and financial risk-return models. Scenarios: The report highlights the need for an enrichment of […]

Transition Risk Toolbox